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The Big Lake

Project Overview:

The Big Lake is a brick + mortar gift shop located in Grand Marais, a destination town on the North Shore of Minnesota. Also known as heaven-on-earth.

They have been around for about five years and had a nice logo, but did not have a clear brand identity or brand archetype. We had the honor of working alongside of them to solve this issue. We went to work creating a comprehensive brand system that is full of logos, word marks, and icons. We also came up with a clear and defined brand archetype, colorway, and typography system. Now they are ready for the next leg of their journey.

What We Did:

- Hand-drawn custom Logo System
- Primary Logo  
- Secondary Logo
- Tertiary Logo
- Brand Mark
- Word Mark
- Hand-dawn Iconography
- Color Palette
- Font System
- Mock-ups
- Brand Book
- Brand Strategy
- Brand Messaging Framework