Premier Brand Identity, Brand Messaging Framework

Freshdoor Real Estate

Project Overview:

Freshdoor Real Estate is a new Real Estate Brokerage in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. With a vision to bring high-quality creative marketing to the real estate world in Upper Michigan, they needed a sharp, forward-thinking brand identity to match.

We came up with a unique brand mark to help them stand out. It is in the shape of a house, incorporates F+D, and has an opening door. Then we made a custom, simple word mark so that it nicely compliments the brand mark. When you put them together, the whole shape resembles a key - overkill, we know. But what real estate company doesn't like overkill? Freshdoor Real Estate is now ready to stand out and start with a bang.

What We Did:

- Primary Logo  
- Brand Mark
- Word Mark
- Custom Pattern
- Color Palette
- Font System
- Mock-ups
- Brand Book
- Brand Messaging Framework