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Uncharted Elopements

Project Overview:

What began as Allison Slater Photography has now grown into Uncharted Elopements. Feeling the tension between the name of her business and the growing number of services that she wanted to provide, Allison felt like it was finally time for a rebrand.

For a long time she had felt like her old brand didn't represent her personality, her ideal client, or represent the number of services that her business offers. So we did a deep discovery session to uncover what aspects of her personality and taste that we wanted to showcase through the brand identity, while also making it attract her ideal client. The result was was a badass tiger paired with a hand-drawn typeface that we created in house. We feel that these elements, along with the timeless color palette, invoke the feeling of uniqueness and adventure that come along with the desire to elope.

What We Did:

- Hand-drawn custom font
- Primary Logo (3 Variations)
- Secondary Logo (3 Variations)
- 3 Brand Marks
- 2 Word Marks
- Color Palette
- Background Patterns
- Font System
- Mock-ups
- Brand Book
- Brand Strategy
- Brand Messaging Framework